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Sorry for the long hiatus…

and sorry for the sudden influx of reblogs.  

Hopefully I stay more up to date with this blog like I was for a while, but my laptop is out of commission right now, so that seems up in the air on whether I’ll be able to keep my promise.

Fingers crossed.

Hope you have a lovely day from here at the Glisten.


Anita Stewart by Campbell, 1916

HP HP PhotoSmart C945 (V01.59)

Hamburgers - detail from 1963 Kraft Barbecue Sauce ad.


Hamburgers - detail from 1963 Kraft Barbecue Sauce ad.


Louisiana-based photographer Frank Relle captures the nighttime magic of New Orleans in his ongoing series New Orleans Nightscapes. He uses long exposures to capture the feeling of the powerful, haunting beauty throughout his hometown.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOSEPHINE BAKER! | (June 3, 1906 – April 12, 1975)


Exploring Kolmanskop, a Ghost Town in the Namib Desert

To view more photos and videos from the ghost town in the Namib desert, browse the Kolmanskop location page.

Since its abandonment in 1954, the once-booming mining town of Kolmanskop has gradually succumbed to the sands of the Namib Desert. The small town near the coast of Namibia was built in the style of a German village following the discovery of diamonds in 1908, and at its height Kolmanskop boasted a hospital, casino and theater.

Today, the town’s decayed European architecture stands in stark contrast to its sandy surroundings, making it a picturesque destination for adventurous Instagrammers.